Vancouver Conceptual Photography: Documentary Screening and Panel Discussion

thumbnailVancouver Conceptual Photography: Jeff Wall, Ian Wallace, Rodney Graham

Screening of the documentary Picture Start, directed by Harry Killas

Followed by panel discussion with Sandra Phillips (Senior Curator of Photography, SFMOMA), and the director Harry Killas (Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Vancouver, Canada)

Picture Start documents how a small group of artists put Vancouver at the leading edge of contemporary art. Focusing on Jeff Wall, Ian Wallace and Rodney Graham, three celebrated artists of the so-called Vancouver School, the film traces the history of the development of Vancouver photo-conceptualism, capturing the relationships between the artists and their peers. Featuring interviews with the artists, curators and collectors, the film seeks to answer key questions as to how and why these artists came together as contemporaries in what might be thought of as an unlikely setting.

Jeff Wall and Harry Killas
Film still from Picture Start (2011), Directed by Harry Killas. (Credit: Rosamund Norbury, Courtesy Laughing Mountain Communications.)