Swinging and Flowing: Inclusion and Diversity in the Age of Data

thumbnailCITRIS presents a UC Berkeley conference for media professionals, app developers, academics and students explores the confluence of diversity and new media technologies. Surely new phones and apps provide new channels for participation, but participation must be contrasted with mastery. Just who are the new masters of new media, who are the new serfs, and what data describes these emerging hierarchies? Swinging and Flowing: Inclusion 2012 will address this question in five approaches.What distinguishes participation in and mastery of new media? What strategies of inclusion work best? What tools lead to new media mastery? What collaborative resources support diverse new media? When do new media lead to renewal?

Rather than providing opinions on the questions, the speakers and participants of “Swinging and Flowing” will expose the current state of awareness about new media, social networks, inclusion and diversity so we can’t claim, later on, that we did not know. Register here. Click here for the flyer.

Sponsored by the Data and Democracy Initiative at CITRIS, the Berkeley Center for New Media, the Department of African American Studies at UC Berkeley, and the Department of Geography at UC Berkeley.