Streams, Gardens, and Clouds: Visualizing Dynamic Data for Engagement, Education and the Environment: A CITRIS Data and Democracy Event to Celebrate Data Innovation Day

thumbnailScientists, policymakers, business leaders, journalists—all seek to harness the deluge of data generated by the minute through sensing networks and social media. Aided by the increasing availability of high-speed Internet, wireless networks, and mobile devices, people with access to multimedia tools contribute to these data flows both intentionally and inadvertently. Apps can now map the flow of traffic, rivers, and wind; social media sites chart the pulse of user sentiment; the online marketplace provides instant measures of economic activity; and online education platforms bring their own stream of information and feedback loops.

Anyone who must make sense of this flood of information—leaders in various fields, teachers, citizens and consumers—rely on having effective tools to aggregate and visualize the data in a meaningful way. “Streams, Gardens, and Clouds” will examine sensor networks and social media platforms for supporting citizen and student engagement, economic development, and public health and safety. Drawing on the expertise of CITRIS and UC Berkeley researchers, as well as invited speakers, the event will highlight current projects to represent dynamic data on urban trends, the environment, education, and health and humanitarian response.

The event will feature 2-4 panel discussions and a keynote address. It will be free and open to the public, registration is requested.

Registration opens December 10. Register by January 24 online on our Eventbrite page (, or by calling Camille Crittenden at 510-643-8834, or by emailing Camille Crittenden at

Presented by CITRIS (Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society). Co-sponsored by IBM, Re:Imagine Group, Information Technology Innovation Foundation, Berkeley Center for New Media, and The Knight Digital Media Center.