Regina Connell, “Beyond Design Thinking”

thumbnail Design is sexy; craft is frumpy. It’s time to kill that particular trope. And it’s time to bring them together. Craft is actually the soul of design, while design adds focus, edge and realism to what can be an overly introspective process. But can the two actually coexist? See the designers and artisans who are bringing together the two “disciplines” and merging them into a new, more relevant way of thinking about the world.

Regina Connell is Founder and Editor in Chief of Handful of Salt, an online magazine that covers the craft of modern design. Handful of Salt profiles designers and artisans in multiple media (from ceramics to clothing to architecture) and covers events, emerging craft “technologies”, trends, and more. Handful of Salt has been profiled in the Wall Street Journal, SF Examiner, SF Magazine, and California Home and Design. Regina also consults with corporations and non-profits on communications and community building, and is currently working with CCA on its Leading By Design (Innovation Leadership) program.