Regents Lecture: Green Technologies – Enabling the Radical Innovations to Come (Sooner!), Bill Joy

Bill Joy, renowned technologist and partner in leading venture capital firm KPBC’s Greentech Practice, will speak on his views of how certain technical innovations will radically transform the energy, material and chemicals industries. He will also speak to how to foster such technical innovations, and the approach his partnership with KPBC has taken by funding game-changing technologies that address the twin problems of climate change and sustainability.

Before joining KPBC in 2005, Bill Joy co-founded Sun Microsystems, where he was a key designer involved with a number of Sun technologies including the Solaris operating system, SPARC microprocessor architecture and several of its implementations, and the Java programming language. Previously he designed and wrote Berkeley UNIX, the first open source operating system with built-in TCP/IP, making it the backbone of the Internet. Bill’s many contributions were recognized in a Fortune cover story which called him the “Edison of the Internet.”