Peter Lunenfeld – “Mia Laboro: How To Do Generative Humanities”

Thumbnail Peter Lunenfeld is a digital humanist who suffers from maker’s envy. He watches artists, designers, architects and programmers as they give their endlessly iterative talk, the talk that only ever needs one name: “My Work.” He will fill his allotted time (and yours, should you choose to commit) with performative therapy, a hybrid lecture and demo, an investigation of digital humanities as living practice. He will exhume two decades of contributions to print+ culture. Topics will include the perils of transmediation, doing theory with back-up dancers, the academic as producer, and how to treat essays as media scripts. Warning, there will be Esperanto.

Peter Lunenfeld’s books include the co-authored Digital_Humanities (MIT, 2012), The Secret War Between Downloading and Uploading: Tales of the Computer as Culture Machine (MIT, 2011), USER (MIT, 2005), Snap to Grid (MIT, 2000), and The Digital Dialectic (editor, MIT, 1999). As creator and editorial director of the Mediawork project, he produced a pamphlet series for the MIT Press that redefined the relationship between serious academic discourse and graphic design, and between book publishing and the World Wide Web. He is a professor in the Design Media Arts department at UCLA and a steering committee member of the campus-wide, interdisciplinary Digital Humanities undergraduate minor and graduate concentration.

This event was produced with support from The Program in Critical Theory.