Manufacturing Transparency Conference


BCNM in collaboration with the French Embassy, New Hive, and the Goethe Institute presented a critical look at the state of social media, big multinational company disclosures, individual privacy, and the ongoing societal battle between sharing information and an individual’s privacy.  Speakers from Europe, North America, and New Zealand joined together to discuss the cultural and regulatory differences around privacy and disclosure which complicates the borderless world wide web and the threats and opportunities that big data can provide.  Check out photos from the conference and what people had to say below.

2015 Manufacturing Transparency

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What is the connection between secrets and publicity, between authenticity and its showcase? Is the move towards transparency a move towards a more critical society, or is it paradoxically yielding the opposite results?

Join us at this one-day international symposium as experts from France, Germany, New Zealand, Switzerland, and the United States ask who is manufacturing transparency, and how?  

We invite you to explore the topology of transparency with us through lightning talks and in-depth seminars that bridge the fields of engineering, education, ethics, design, digital culture, philosophy, and aesthetics.

Keynote speakers include: Emmanuel Alloa, Antonio Casilli, Elodie Ternaux, and Julian Oliver.

Find out more about the schedule, speakers, and registration options at the conference website!

This interdisciplinary conference that takes transparency across borders is hosted by the Berkeley Center for New Media, the Cultural Services of the French Embassy, the Goethe-Institut San Francisco, and the Office of Science and Technology at the French Embassy.