Maggie Alexander, “Finding Christopher Alexander’s Fifteen Fundamental Properties in the Berkeley Rose Garden”

This field trip to the Berkeley Rose Garden proposes to hunt for these properties in a lovely space where the man-made joins with nature, so that we may know them first hand. Knowing them, we can begin to identify them in our everyday surroundings, and all of us can use them to create our own healthy living environments. This little workshop is for people who wish to use Alexander’s work on a personal level to enhance their well-being and heal the environments in which they live. We don’t have to be architects to make a difference. We can all make change in small ways that have profound effects on our lives.

Maggie Moore Alexander has been working with Christopher Alexander since 2003. Prior to that she was a consultant for 27 years, working with clients to develop support systems for people in organizations that were undergoing change on a grand scale. She now supports projects of the Center for Environmental Structure, and her special interest is in developing language and experiences that make Alexander’s ideas accessible, emotionally and practically, to a wide range of audiences.