Laura Devendorf, “Provoking Reflection and Exploration with Aesthetic Interaction”

This talk will discuss our design and study of AnyType, an Android application that generates unique typefaces from photographs of shapes that people find in their environment. In keeping with the principles of aesthetic interaction, the design of AnyType supports opportunities for surprise, storytelling, and new expressions. I’ll present data collected from two observational studies of AnyType. Drawing from our observations, I’ll discuss possible roles mobile devices could play in people’s personal meaning making, creative process, and discovery, in interaction with elements of their physical environment. Devendorf is a PhD student at UC Berkeley’s School of Information. She received her bachelor’s degrees in both studio art and computer science from UC Santa Barbara. Her research focus is in the area of Human-Computer Interaction and investigates how traditional art practices can impact technology and how technology can be used to augment traditional art practices.