Inge Hinterwaldner: Computer Simulations and their Constructive Medium

ThumbnailDr. Inge Hinterwaldner is a researcher at the University of Basel, where she focuses on computer-based art and architecture. Hinterwaldner investigates how and why artifacts with an explicit visual character are fabricated and used, pursuing the question of how images “function.” Given the ephemeral quality of many of the works she studies, Hinterwaldner aims to develop terms for grasping the specificity of time-based aesthetics.

Hinterwaldner received her Ph.D. from the University of Basel, and her M.A. from the University of Innsbruck. She served as the co-director of the research module “image and model” on NFS eikones / “Image Critique: Power and Meaning of Pictures” at the University of Basel from 2009-2013.