Fall 2016 Open House

24114af9-b6da-4c2a-9f22-a293f72c6604Meet BCNM’s incoming director Nicholas de Monchaux and celebrate the start of the semester with the Berkeley Center for New Media’s annual open house! This is a great opportunity to connect with faculty, students, and staff on campus who work in the new media space.

Below are some of the amazing projects we’ll have on display:
** Wearable prototypes from the research behind Google’s Project Jacquard by Noura Howell | Kimiko Ryokai & Eric Paulos
** Demonstrations from the Hybrid Ecologies Lab | Eric Paulos

    *Skintillates: Designing and Creating Epidermal Interactions- Joanne Lo
    *BCNM LED — Crafting LED Displays: An Exploration of Light as Material through Secondary Optics – Cesar Torres
    *LiveWire: Leveraging Theatricality for an Expressive Internet of Things – Cesar Torres

    *ProxyPrint: Supporting Crafting Practice through Physical Computational Proxies – Cesar Torres
    *Tool Path as a Mold: Forming 2.5D geometries from plastic sheets – Kevin Tian
    *Fingernail displays: Ambient information at your fingertips – Christine Dierk
    *Ukulele Fabrication: Computationally designing ukuleles for fabrication – Christine Dierk
** Visualizations on the Color of New Media by Andrea Horbinski and Renée Pastel | Abigail De Kosnik
** Radial displays of climate change by Akhila Raju | Greg Niemeyer
** Selfie Poetry | Alex Saum-Pascual

Plus, you’ll have the chance to preview our upcoming programming (GIFs, Immersion, Algorithms, and more!) and our vision for the coming year. Join us to reconnect — or forge new connections — and find out more about how you can be involved in new media at Berkeley! 

RSVP below to join us!