Crossing Boundaries: News, Technology, & Audiences

thumbnailIn an age of “Twitter and Facebook Revolutions,” Wikileaks, and cell phone reporting, how are journalists and governments adapting to the speed of content generated outside the traditional newsroom? What are the digital trends that are shaping international news and events? Journalists, scholars, and industry leaders will speak on timely, boundary-crossing news, audiences, and technology in a 2-day conference at UC Berkeley.

Crossing Boundaries features new research and scholarship on social media platforms, activism, the recent uprisings in the Arab world; gender and racial divides in new media; news distribution in the new media age; and other topics. Speakers examine changes in the technology and sourcing of breaking news to explore a new tangle of privacy, free speech and human rights issues raised by digital media. Prominent social critic and author Nicholas Carr is the keynote speaker on March 18.

Additional speakers include: Joaquin Alvarado, American Public Media / Katherine Corcoran, AP Bureau Chief Mexico City / Steven Fish, UC Political Science / Ken Goldberg, UC Engineering / Paul Grabowicz, UC Journalism / Marcia Hoffman, Senior Staff Attorney, EFF / Rich Jaroslovsky, Columnist Bloomberg News, BusinessWeek / Alan McClain, Wikileaks Team, The New York Times / Craig Newmark, craigslist / Xiao Qiang, China Digital Times / Jane B. Singer, U of Iowa Journalism / Eric Stover, Human Rights Center / James Wheaton, Environmental Law Foundation.