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New Media Research Roundtable: On Common Ground, Paula Levine - Events - Berkeley Center for New Media
Special Events

New Media Research Roundtable: On Common Ground, Paula Levine

Special Events
30 Mar, 2011

New Media Research Roundtable: On Common Ground, Paula Levine

Can new locative and mobile technologies and wireless networks break down distances between the impact of political trauma, dislocation or upheaval in one location, and other areas untouched by these distant events? Can these new tools collapse geographical distances and translate distant events on local ground, in local terms?

Levine's interest lies in looking at the space between information and experience, using these emerging technologies to explore new designs and possibilities for developing spatial experiences that foster both intimacy and empathy.

Paula Levine is an artist whose research and projects use locative and mobile media to bridge between global and local. Her writings on locative media and the expanding cartographic imagination have been presented at conferences at ISEA, ZERO1, MIT and the University of Wisconsin's Conney conference for Jewish Studies. Recent work has shown at ISEA, Interactive Futures, 09, Vancouver, British Columbia where she was also a keynote speaker. She is currently writing on empathic space and locative media for an upcoming book titled Mobile Narratives. (Edited by Jason Farman).

Her experimental videos have shown in screenings in New York's Lincoln Centre, National Gallery of Canada, Europe and Japan, and in film and video festivals in the U.S and Canada. She is an Associate Professor of Art at San Francisco State University, teaching in the area of Conceptual Information Arts.

BCNM New Media Roundtables are supported, in part, by CITRIS. Lunch provided for first 15 attendees. Admission is free and open to the public.

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