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2014 events


On February 4, 2014 the Department of Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies, with support from the Berkeley Center for New Media, brings to the UC Berkeley campus the 2012 [...]

Create Your Bot Hackathon

Learn how to build Chatbots with renowned artificial intelligence programmer and ChatScript language designer Bruce Wilcox as you compete to create the most human chatbot! [...]

Urban Data Canvas Hackathon

As we talk about streaming data from smart cities and the Internet of Things, certain questions emerge: What is important? Who is watching? How are we going to visualize real [...]


Advances in drone aircraft, networked cameras, and recent disclosures about the NSA’s international and domestic surveillance activities have stimulated public protests, [...]

Impossible Hackathon

The Impossible Hackathon invites you to create an economy of kindness. Come build software, hardware, models, presentations… whatever your heart desires. Meet fun [...]

Hack FSM

Take part in a hackathon in honor of the Free Speech Movement’s 50th anniversary! Students will design a new interface and research tools for the Free Speech Movement [...]

Robots and New Media

For decades robots have diligently been tasked to perform a range of roles and duties largely scoped within industrial manufacturing. However, recent trends, motivated in [...]

WikiWomen’s Edit-a-thon

Building on the momentum gained from WikiWomen’s History Month, we’re hosting a WikiWomen’s edit-a-thon to encourage more women to edit Wikipedia and [...]

THeory/Post Theory Rhetoric Conference

In the Humanities and Social Sciences today, “Theory” has provided the staging ground for debates over the methodological structure and interpretive purchase of a [...]

Valuing Labor in the Arts: A Practicum

In April, ARC will present Valuing Labor in the Arts: A Practicum. This event will include a series of artist-led workshops that develop exercises, prompts, or actions that [...]

Bone Flute to Auto Tune

What shapes our music technologies? How do our technologies shape our musical practices and thought? An exciting body of scholarship has addressed such questions for sound [...]

The Authors Alliance Visiting BCNM

The Authors Alliance visits the Berkeley Center for New Media to discuss their vision for supporting authors. Authors, construed broadly to include all creators, create for [...]

Mobile App Challenge Demo Day

To promote innovation, community service, and career development among UC Berkeley students, The Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society [...]

Critical Making Final Class Exhibition

Critical Making students operationalize and critique the practice of making through both foundational literature and hands on studio culture. As hybrid practitioners, [...]

@Berkeley: #MyFirstMOOC Screening

BCNM DE John Scott’s video piece @Berkeley: #MyFirstMOOC will screen at the PFA on May 9th! The video shared top prize in the Eisner Awards this year. The Eisner Prize [...]

Maxine CD Release Party

BCNM DE Ritwik Banerji’s dissertation project Maxine is a collective of interactive music systems. On the 26th of June Maxine’s first CD will be released! Join [...]

Fall Open House

Join us for light refreshments and conversation in the Commons to learn more about the Berkeley Center for New Media’s academic offerings and event programs. Faculty [...]

Image as Location Conference

When man-made images constitute the evidence of our environment and even our existence, how is our perception of the world manipulated and shaped? The Berkeley Center for New [...]

QGCon: The Queerness and Games Conference

Now in its second year, QGCon is a free, weekend-long, interdisciplinary exploration of the intersection between LGBTQ issues and video games. The goal of QGCon is to create [...]

Count Me In: Walking & the City

During Fall 2014, a team of 23 graduate students and two professors worked with the city of San Leandro to develop digital tools to improve the way city residents live, move, [...]

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