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2011 Events

Stuart Candy, Arup

Stuart Candy is a Senior Foresight and Innovation Specialist at Arup, Adjunct Professor at California College of the Arts, and Research Fellow of The Long Now Foundation. He [...]

Futurefarmers Think Lodge*

Join us for an afternoon think lodge* that recaps the Futurefarmers’ research and concerns the methods used by artists and scientists to alleviate, amplify, condense, [...]

Curating People

This is the first in a series of convenings organized by the ARC Art + Time research group that will bring together artists, scholars and curators to discuss the blurring [...]

Asian Horror Cinema and Beyond

UC Berkeley will host a symposium on October 7th and 8th (Friday and Saturday), featuring contemporary works of horror cinema that explore issues of memory, desire, and media [...]

Henry Jenkins, “Transmedia”

Prof. Jenkins is the most influential theorist of “transmedia storytelling.” According to Jenkins, “Transmedia storytelling represents a process where [...]

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