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Call for Innovations Winners: Eric Paulos and Energy Parasites


ITU Telecom World partnered with Ars Electronica to launch a “Call for Innovations” design contest looking for innovators with projects, devices and applications changing the future for the better. BCNM’s Eric Paulos and his Energy Parasites project have been named winners!

Energy Parasites are handcrafted energy harvesting devices made of scavenged parts which collect small amounts of energy using the topography of and movement around the public landscape. The energy captured can either be put to work activating a simple device, or can be stored to later charge a different device.

The energy parasites have a wide range of possible uses, both in parts of the world where access to traditional municipal power sources can be limited and in areas with well-integrated energy grids where new sources of energy can now be tapped.

Prototypes will be on display at ITU World Telecom 2014 exhibition in Doha from December 7-10.

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