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ATC Revisited: Brett Cook

ThumbnailThe third ATC lecture of the year showcased yet another version of Art, Technology, and Activism, with the exceptional community artist and muralist Brett Cook on Monday, October 6th, 2014 discussing “Embodying Liberation.” Brett began the lecture in an unconventional manner by asking the audience to define community and healing. From these definitions, Brett discussed how “community” art is often either ghettoized or artificially constructed. Brett introduced audience members to his own projects and explained how he hopes to produce works of both community and healing by spending months engaged with local groups before he devises an arts proposal. He thin finds methods, such as street fairs, to bring the whole community together to construct the art work, often through tracing lines, coloring in with crayons, constructing mazes, so as to emphasize reflection through action, and introduce greater mindfulness among participants. Brett finished his talk by handing out packets of materials to the audience to assist them in becoming involved with socially engaged art.

Don’t forget to join us for gallerist Cheryl Haines discussing Ai Weiwei’s @Large on Monday, November 3rd! In the meantime, enjoy the tweets and images from the evening below!

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